Data-Pac develops, manufactures and distributes inserter bases, mailing machines and mail accounting software solutions. Interfaces are possible with equipment from Bell+Howell, Inserco, Flo-Master, Gunther, Hasler, Neopost, Pitney Bowes and others. Well known as a leading developer of hardware and software for the mailing industry, Data-Pac is the first company in 25 years to have been given United States Postal Service authorization to manufacture and market postage meters in the United States. The approval was announced in March. The America2 postage meter is now in active distribution. The AMERICA2 Postage Security Device (PSD) is the first postage meter to offer internet-based postage funds replenishment.
Data-Pac offers the fastest "weigh-in-motion" mailing machines on the market today at 200LPM, in weigh-in-motion mode; two other, mid-line machines, process at 140LPM and 100LPM in weigh-in-motion. Data-Pac provides USPS shaped-based solutions which will interface with existing mailing systems including: PBŪ DM500 to DM1000; Hasler'sŪ Power Post, 220, 320 Series, and Hasler'sŪ WJ, 65, 95, 110, 150, 185, 220, 250, plus shape-based differential weighing.
Our equipment products and associated software are designed to operate in high production 24/7 environments with the lowest cost of ink and highest degree of technology in the industry. We touch every envelope with software for the ultimate in accuracy and control.
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